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The Scumbags are coming back soon! They've been busy shooting the Alpha Big Dog series (which is amazing, by the way. Like, it's the funniest series ever made in Texas), doing some odd jobs here & there, a little stand-up, some heavy steroid use with Rich Piana, etc. They're definitely going to be back with new episodes one day, at least until they hit #100. There might even be a huge surprise, but leaning more towards no surprise. In the meantime, watch these six times - 

Episode 90 - Love Powerfully

The Scumbags are back after two inexcusable weeks off to talk about KB seeing a marriage counselor, Joey B's pitch to be Lone Star's spokesman, ranking the cast of Jackass for their 15 Year Anniversary, & exploiting German tax breaks! Remember when you bought Don Vito's estate for a really fair price?? We do

Episode 89 - KB Might Be A Kennedy

The Scumbags talk the 25 Richest Comedians, being a Plastic Paddy on St Patrick's Day, rooting for fat drunk fighters, Clerks 3, & trying not to get raped by your bookie! Remember when you told people you were related to the saxophone player from The Lost Boys?? We do

Episode 88 - Our New Co-Host, Pazuzu The Demon

The Scumbags find startling audio of their new demon co-host, KB does some work & puts together a huge 3 For 1, Joey B thinks we should phase out people with allergies, & English Matt says Tom Cruise is no big deal! Remember how I Know What You Did Last Summer was based on you but just the drunk driving part?? We do!

Episode 87 - How Much For 26 Hot Water Heaters?

The Scumbags talk with Robert Land from Houston Sports Talk, Nathan Barley's relevance, Joey B's pest problem, & KB's grandfather stole copper wire from buildings! Remember when you got pulled over with Zachery Ty Bryan & he was holding?? We do

Episode 86 - Getting Ringworm From Cricket

The Scumbags talk It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, having 20 teeth removed & then dying, English Matt throttles KB in trivia, the most uncomfortable sex request, & reading a fan's script/porn idea! Remember when you got a pet snake & it was literally the shittiest pet you've ever seen?? We do

Episode 85 - Better Call Sal

The Scumbags list their favorite strip club songs of all time, KB gets tanked & falls asleep in his driveway, New 2 For 1, & Chris Evans's shoulders! Remember when you & four regular guys beat the UConn women's basketball team?? We do

Episode 84 - Don't Use New Slang Unless You're Gretchen Wieners

The Scumbags talk to Bob Morrissey (@BoringOldBob) about Tim Heidecker's The Comedy, Joey B hates the "I'm cool because I'm not cool" ironic bullshit, English Matt sifts through trash with bums, Better Call Saul, & KB settles a debate! Remember how there were people who thought Neve Campbell was hot?? We do

Episode 83 - Hey I Like Anaconda

The Scumbags talk Judd Apatow's best & worst movies, Danny McBride crushing everything he does, The Worst Movies of The 90s, & KB expects every bar to serve all beer in frozen mugs! Remember when your Mexico City vaycay turned into a bloodbath?? We do

Episode 82 - That Was Just Some Hispanic Guy

Joey B & English Matt talk blindly picking shit movies in the video store, Mateusz calls in but stays mum on his trip to Cuba, Trevor Brown from Lone Pint Brewery enlightens the guys on sour beer, new Movies Everyone Else Saw 6 Months Ago, & cheering for bad guys! Remember when you deflated your boss's tires as a gag & then he had a blowout on 610?? We do